Welcome to Tristar Beach hotel - best beach and surfing hotel in arugum bay

Sri Lanka…!

‘Pearl of the Indian ocean’ hands of mother nature, promises you mystical beauty and a portrait of culture, customs and so many traditional facets. Discover the magic of our beautiful paradise Island from the comfort of Tri Star Beach Hotel, conveniently located at Arugam Bay, Pottuvil and this is the ideal spot for the adventure tourists.

The location of Tri Star Beach Hotel can hardly be more beautiful with the huge wonderful garden in bloom and shadowed by coconut trees within walking distance to the Pottuvil market, Post Office, Banks and the hotel is just paces away from the famous Arugam bay Beach and it’s approximately 320 km away the Islands capital, Colombo.

Arugam Bay is the third in the list for surf points in the world. The season is between May and November for surfing at Arugam Bay with the predominant wind.